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TF7 Labs unveils its loaded Charge Intra with PeakO2 and Creapure

tf7 labs charge intra

Charge Intra is another new supplement the well marketed UK company TF7 Labs has put together for release in 2019. As its name suggests, TF7 Labs Charge Intra is indeed an intra-workout product that features a short, but solid and reliable mix of transparently dosed ingredients.

TF7 Labs all-new Charge Intra comes loaded with 40g of active ingredients, most of which is taken up by a strong 25g of Cluster Dextrin HBCD for fuel. Also included in the supplement is Creapure creatine monohydrate dosed at the usual 5g per serving as well as another 5g of Sustamine glutamine.

tf7 labs charge intra

Making up the remaining 5g of Charge Intra is a gram of electrolytes for hydration, and 2g each of taurine and the PeakO2 performance blend. You will notice the product doesn’t come with any EAAs, which are common in intra-workouts; instead, TF7 Labs seems to have focused more on giving you everything else you could want during your workout.

TF7 Labs plans on launching Charge Intra soon in a large 1.2kg tub size, with the usual total of 30 servings per tub. The brand is known for creative flavors which is something Charge Intra will have, however at the moment we can’t confirm all of its options, only the one with Blueberry Potion.