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Anastasis launches free single serving samples of Konnect and LAX

anastasis konnect

The still very new lifestyle supplement company Anastasis has put together a promotion where you can try both of its products for free. Currently, it has the two supplements available, the relaxation formula LAX and what is now one of our favorite nootropics, Konnect.

The promotion Anastasis has launched is relatively straightforward. The brand has added single serving samples of LAX and Konnect to its website that’ll cost you $0. The only thing you need to pay for is shipping, and for those wondering, yes, you can get both samples in the one order.

To get either or both samples, there are specific pages you need to go to on the Anastasis website. For Konnect go here and for LAX go here, and if you want both, simply click the “claim your free sample” button for both and they’ll appear together in your cart.

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