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Nutrifitt pieces together a premium and comprehensive nootropic named Codex

Nutrifitt Codex

Nutrifitt has been busy these last couple of months with three completely new supplements coming to market in the testosterone booster Phage, the advanced Epic Collagen, and the nighttime recovery product, Silence. The reputable sports nutrition brand continues that excitement this month, introducing a complex competitor for the nootropic category called Codex, and it has stacked the label with a host of effective ingredients and dosages all for the purpose of energy and focus.

Codex from Nutrifitt delivers immediate increases and enhancements in the typical nootropic areas of energy and focus, but thanks to its many premium and proven components, it goes a bit beyond that into brain function and health. The promoted benefits beyond elevated energy and increased focus for Codex include the protection of neural function over time, more of a long-term effect than immediate, as well as memory retention and stress reduction, again, a lot more than your standard nootropic.

Nutrifitt Codex Label

We’ve got the combination of ingredients behind Nutrifitt’s Codex in the facts panel above, and it is a star-studded list including half a gram each of phenylalanine, the NeuraChol choline blend, and the nootropic mushroom lion’s mane. There is also 100mg each of the high-quality brain function components Sabroxy as well as the up-and-coming NeuroRush, PQQ, huperzine a, B vitamins, and lastly, a moderate level of caffeine, perfect for outside-of-the-gym energy and focus at 100mg.

If you were on the hunt for something new and different to increase energy, focus, cognition, brain function, memory, and brain health, Nutrifitt has pieced together one hell of a competitor for the nootropic space. The price tag that’s been put on Codex is fairly typical for the brand at $47.99, although if you get in swiftly, you can take advantage of Nutrifitt’s still-live Memorial Day sale with 30% off a full-size 30-serving bottle, bringing it down to an extremely competitive $33.59.