Swft Stims products discounted to $12.33 each at A1 Supplements

Mar 19th, 2018
swft stims

Since launching its single ingredient supplements with Hordenine, Halostachine, TeaCrine, and its very first product, Higenamine. Swft Stims has had them all available at least once with a buy one get one free deal over at A1 Supplements. This week the brand has taken things a bit further and given them all an even better promotion.

If you ever liked the look of Swft Stims buy one get one sale, you’re certainly going to like the buy one get two deal it currently has on. The offer is indeed as good as it sounds, where you get two bottles free with every one purchased. For example, you buy a 45 capsule bottle of TeaCrine for $36.99, and you get another two free.

Since all of the Swft Stims products have the same price, they all work out to the same individual amount when you factor in the deal at $12.33 per bottle. The promotion is only available at A1 Supplements, and there is no mixing and matching so the two free bottles you get will be the same as whatever you add to your cart.