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Muscle Sports teases a possible Cinnamon Toast Crunch protein flavor

cinnamon toast crunch lean whey

While it may not have been the first major brand to do a cereal-flavored protein powder with its Lucky Charms inspired Lean Charms Lean Whey. In our opinion, Muscle Sport was the first one to do it well and has since gone on to launch many other delicious protein flavors.

Muscle Sport is now getting ready to release what is promising to be its biggest cereal Lean Whey flavor to date. The brand hasn’t confirmed exactly what flavor we’re in for just yet, however it has shared a relatively obvious teaser image.

Based on a well put together marketing graphic from Muscle Sport, it looks like its next cereal protein flavor for Lean Whey is going to be Cinnamon Toast Crunch inspired. If that is correct, we imagine there will be cinnamon toast crunch pieces sprinkled in the powder much like the marshmallows in Lean Charms.

Since Muscle Sport has now released a teaser for its seemingly Cinnamon Toast Crunch Lean Whey, there is a good chance its launch isn’t too far behind. The brand doesn’t typically leave fans waiting too long so we can hopefully look forward to the reveal and release of this one soon.