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SuperHD Fire family gets a pre and probiotic called DualBio


Last year Cellucor launched a new family of weight loss supplements, all of which are spin-offs of the brand’s fat burner, SuperHD. The products are also all packaged very differently from anything else in the Cellucor lineup with a total of four supplements called SuperHD Razor, Water, and Fire with and without stimulants.

Cellucor has now launched another product for that nicely branded SuperHD series; however, this one doesn’t have SuperHD in its name. The latest from the brand is named DualBio, a prebiotic and probiotic formula to promote digestive as well as health.


The ingredients in Cellucor’s all-new DualBio are pretty straightforward with as per its description, a prebiotic side and a probiotic side. There are simply two main features in the DualBio formula, the prebiotics fructooligosaccharides, and the probiotic lactobacillus acidophilus.

Cellucor’s two in one pre and probiotic supplement is already out and available through the brand’s own online store at A full box will cost you $29.99 which can be discounted with Cellucor’s spend more save more levels including free shipping on $50+ orders and 20% off orders over $100.