SleepMode followed up by EVL’s joint support supplement FlexMode

Mar 15th, 2018

Just a couple of days ago EVL officially launched its all-new, nighttime sleep supplement SleepMode. It’s now quickly followed that up with another Mode Series product with the previously previewed FlexMode. Much like SleepMode, FlexMode is an essential style supplement designed for a very specific purpose.

If you couldn’t gather it from its name, the all-new EVL FlexMode is a joint support product. It promises a variety of useful benefits including support for joint lubrication, health, mobility, and cartilage. It’s sort of an all-around joint formula backed by an equally wide variety of commonly used joint ingredients.


EVL has packed its new FlexMode with all of the classic joint features including 1.5g of glucosamine, 25mg of MSM, as well as 150mg each of turmeric and chondroitin. The rest of the FlexMode formula is rounded out with 200mg of boswellia, 25mg each of quercetin, methionine, bromelain, and hyaluronic acid, and 5mg of the absorption enhancer BioPerine black pepper.

Not too surprisingly, the first place you can purchase the latest supplement release from EVL is none other than The online retailer just added stock of FlexMode in the one 90 capsule, 30 serving bottle size. It has been priced at $19.99, making it somewhat cost-effective to add to your monthly stack.