Myprotein releases a protein packed, solid chocolate Easter box set

myprotein protein easter egg

With another big holiday event coming up at the start of next month, Myprotein is back once again to celebrate with another special edition product. The annual event we’re talking about is of course Easter, which Myprotein has put together a chocolate filled box set for.

The Myprotein product is the collection of three solid, high protein chocolate treats featuring a sizeable 150g egg and two 70g bars. The nutrition profile per 100g is the same for all of the items, with each box providing a combined 64.8g of protein, 91.2g of fat, 62.4g of carbohydrates with 55.2g of that sugar, for a total of 1,322 calories.

The special Myprotein Easter product is available now through the brand’s main international website at The box set containing all three protein packed chocolate treats will cost you £12.99 ($18.05 USD) and with Easter still more than two weeks away, there is plenty of time to order.

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