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Pitbulls Labs partners with Prometeus for European distribution

pitbull labs

The still very young supplement company Pitbull Labs, is about to be made available in an even wider range of countries. The brand has officially partnered with Prometeus, who is one of, if not the biggest supplement distributor in Europe.

To start almost all of Pitbull Labs products will be launched in the area with everything except its fully transparent protein powder. That includes its delicious amino formula BCAA as well as the stim version BCAA Stim, and its two pre-workouts, The Pump and Pre Workout.

Pitbull Labs and Prometeus have also been working together to ensure that all of its supplements are compliant with European regulations. Fortunately, that’s not going to change the brand’s products too much, just the removal of rauwolfia vomitoria from Pre Workout.

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