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SinFit Protein Cookie goes flavor heavy on the icing and toppings

sinfit protein cookie

Sinister Labs has an all-new protein snack called SinFit Protein Cookie. As you could guess from the name, the functional food company’s latest release is a protein-infused cookie carrying on the reputable name of its original SinFit protein bar.

Nutrition profile

The Sinister Labs snack has around the same calories as the bar, although with a slightly lower amount of protein. Each 78g SinFit Protein Cookie provides a typical 20g of protein powered by whey, 35g of carbohydrates with 3g of that fiber and 7g sugar, 12g of fat (6g saturated), for a total of 310 calories.

sinfit protein cookie


Of course, coming from Sinister Labs, the SinFit Protein Cookie has a variety of great looking, well put together flavors. The protein snack’s menu includes the chocolate covered Chocolate Chip, the peanut coated and topped Peanut Butter, and the vanilla iced and fruity bits covered Birthday Cake.


We did get the chance to try all of the SinFit Protein Cookie flavors and can say you won’t be disappointed with what Sinister Labs has done. While they aren’t quite like actual cookies, as you’d expect if you’ve tried others from the supplement industry, they do have a few extra features to put them above the competition.

sinfit protein cookie

Where the SinFit Protein Cookie separates itself is with its outer coat, and bits and pieces on top. Sinister Labs has really layered the icing on thick, mostly in the rich Chocolate Chip flavor, with the same thing to be said about the extra fruity bits, peanuts, and chocolate chips. The body of the cookie is doughy and thick, like we’re used to seeing, but the sweetness from the outside does a great job at making up for that.

Where to buy

Sinister Labs’ SinFit Protein Cookie is on display and available for purchase at this year’s Arnold Expo, as well as up for pre-order through its own website. A box of 10 cookies will cost you $24.90 to pre-order or $2.75 individually, with shipping due to take place exactly one week from today.