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SinFit Review: The best bar with 30g of protein

SinFit Review

Before Sinister Labs even unveiled its first ever protein bar competitor, it was confidently saying the product would be insane tasting. Eventually it finally introduced SinFit, a heavy snack packing a total of 30g of protein for 350 calories.

We recently got a chance to try the Sinister Labs protein bar at this year’s Olympia Expo and were also lucky enough to get a few full-size bars to take home. Today we’ve got our full review of the product which is taking on a category that has become incredibly competitive over the past year or so.

Not your typical heavy bar

Going into our first taste of SinFit, we expected it to be a little denser than your typical protein bar, mostly because it has 50% more protein. SinFit also weighs a lot more than your average bar, so we were certainly looking for something with a bit more volume to it.

SinFit Review

Incredibly smooth consistency

It turns out Sinister Labs has managed to disguise that massive 30g of protein in a number of ways. First the outer layer of SinFit packs just as much as flavor as the best, smaller protein bars out there. Once you bite through that, you then get to a very fluffy center, which is usually where biggers bars start to get uncomfortably chewy and where we end up disappointed.

Those two features — the sweet flavor and smooth center — are how Sinister Labs makes SinFit feel like a much lighter snack than it actually is. Not only does it beat out any of the bars we’ve tried packing 30g of protein, but it’s on a level of competitiveness with the smaller bars that aren’t as nutritionally dense.

Packed full of flavor

As for the actual taste of the bar, our two favorites from the SinFit menu are Peanut Butter Crunch and Chocolate Crunch. Both of them pack an unforgettable flavor experience that rivals the likes of ProSupps MyBar and Grenade’s Carb Killa.

SinFit Review

The Peanut Butter Crunch SinFit is one of the most peanut butter heavy protein bars we’ve tried. When you mix that with the fluffy consistency of the product as well as the crunchy pieces lining the top of the bar, you get an experience that lives up to its name. The Chocolate Crunch SinFit is much the same, as it features a rich chocolate flavor that tastes more like a chocolate bar than a brownie, as the smoothness doesn’t leave you chewing all that much.

Best bar with 30g of protein

We definitely have to applaud Sinister Labs on this one, as we weren’t expecting much from SinFit when we first picked it up. Bars with 30g of protein have always been somewhat disappointing compared to bars with the more common 20g. Sinister Labs changes that stereotype by delivering a product that outdoes all of the equally packed bars on the market regarding flavor and consistency.

The craziest thing of all is that SinFit comes close to some of the best smaller protein bars, as mentioned earlier. Where it marginally loses out is with its density, as even though it has a strong flavor, it has less of an impact due to its size. With that said, you can almost guarantee that if there is ever a SinFit junior featuring a similar recipe, it’ll be incredibly competitive.