Sprinkled Donut flavor on the way for Redcon1’s top rated MRE Bar

sprinkled donut mre bar

One of the things that makes a great protein bar even greater is a variety of flavors. The more options the better is always how we’ve seen it, and it looks like that’s how Redcon1 is going about it too.

While the brand’s first ever edible product, the delicious and game-changing MRE Bar, has only been available for one month. It is already hard at work putting together more flavors for the product, one of which it has decided to release a picture of and confirm.

This weekend Redcon1 has revealed that one of the first new additions to its MRE Bar menu is going to be Sprinkled Donut. True to its name, it features rainbow sprinkles in the bar itself and uses the same unique protein blend of salmon, egg, chicken, and beef.

A Sprinkled Donut MRE Bar would actually be an ideal fit for the protein bar, as it is quite different from its other three flavors. The product’s current menu consists of the enjoyable Blueberry Cobbler, Banana Nut Bread, and our favorite, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.