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TF7 Labs repackages its entire lineup into Poison style skull bottles

The UK supplement company TF7 Labs has unveiled its all-new, hyped and teased packaging for 2018. The brand has essentially taken its unique skull bottle that was introduced with its original pre-workout Poison, simplified it, and is now packaging all of its products in it.

TF7 Labs’ new packaging isn’t just about spreading the skull style across its entire family of supplements and giving it a bit more consistency. It’s also made a number of changes to that original Poison bottle, mostly to make it a little easier to use as well as even more detailed.

tf7 labs

The UK brand’s unique bottle is now made out a molded, opaque plastic, still of course coming in that eye-catching skull shape. The scoops inside the products have been updated as well featuring “TF7 Labs” embossed on their handles, and the neck and lids of the bottles have been enlarged to give users easier access.

You can get a closer look at all of the rebranded supplements on TF7 Labs’ website, where you can also purchase any of them. In total, four of the brand’s previous products have made the trip to 2018 with its original pre-workout Poison, pump pre-workout Virus, fat burner Antidote, and BCAA formula Acid.

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