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X50 Revolver combines instant coffee with MCTs and collagen

x50 revolver

The Australian supplement company Tribeca Health, who is responsible for the popular green tea formula now called X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol. Has added an all-new product to its lineup this week with something that we have seen qite a bit of over the past few months.

The latest from Tribeca Health is called X50 Revolver, a ketogenic style coffee supplement. Like a lot of the keto coffee formulas out there, X50 Revolver is an instant coffee powder infused with MCT oil for natural fuel as well as hydrolyzed collagen as a source of protein.

Along with unveiling X50 Revolver this week, Tribeca Health has made the product available for pre-order through its website. Direct from the brand it will currently cost you $49.95 AUD ($38.99 USD) for a 400g tub which has a total of 20 original flavored servings.