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Ambrosia Golden featuring HydroCurc curcumin for better absorption

ambrosia golden

Following yesterday’s unveiling of the Ambrosia Collective’s all-new and incredibly unique nighttime supplement, the blue light shielder Night Owl. Another upcoming product from the creative company has been revealed and released, introducing the super turmeric formula Ambrosia Golden.

The latest Ambrosia supplement gets its name from its main ingredient, curcumin found in turmeric, which is also referred to as the golden spice. The curcumin in Golden is a special, branded version called HydroCurc, that Ambrosia says provides “9x more effective absorption than regular turmeric or curcumin extracts.”

Alongside the HydroCurc dosed at 900mg per serving, providing 765mg of curcuminoids, Ambrosia Golden features 90mg of vitamin C. The two ingredients combine for a long list of possible benefits including improved mood, stress relief, age-related issues, better brain function, and increased antioxidant capacity.

The all-new Ambrosia Golden is now available through Tiger Fitness where it is actually one of the brand’s cheaper products. A full 30 serving bottle of the super turmeric formula will cost you $34.99, the same price as Ambrosia’s regular 30 serving tub of Ritual AM.