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Barebells’ protein ice cream bar and stick look as good as you expect

Barebells recently unveiled its zero added sugar, protein-packed ice cream products, the Protein Ice Cream Bar and the Protein Ice Cream Stick. Both items are now out and available exclusively in the brand’s home country of Sweden, and just like the rest of its products, they do look extremely delicious.

Just to fill everyone in on what they’re missing out on if they’re not in the country, the Barebells ice cream products are some very well put together snacks. They don’t pack as much protein as a typical protein bar; however, they’re definitely good enough to be considered a sweet and healthy treat.

barebells protein ice cream

Flavor and macros

The Protein Ice Cream Bar is essentially intended to be an ice cream version of Barebells’ top-rated protein bar. It comes in two of the bar’s best flavors, Caramel Cashew and Salty Peanut, with per bar, 5.8 to 6.3g of protein depending on the flavor, around 3g of sugar, with between 164 to 167 calories.

As for Barebells’ Protein Ice Cream Stick, it’s actually a slightly leaner protein snack. This one also comes in two flavors with Chocolate Caramel and Strawberry Vanilla and once again depending on flavor, 8.3 to 8.4g of protein, less than 5g of sugar, with just over 200 calories.

barebells protein ice cream


As you can see, the Barebells ice cream snacks definitely work as clean treats and based on their pictures; they’re all worth trying. You can read more about all four of the products on the brand’s website, although keep in mind on there it lists macros per 100g and not per serving.

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