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Snack size Birthday Cake Fit Crunch bar launching this month

fit crunch

While most protein bars released these days pack a total of 20g of protein with anywhere between 200 to 250 calories, there is the occasional larger bar with 30g of protein. Chef Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch is one of those rarer bars that packs a solid 30g of protein, although it does also have an almost half size snack option.

The only catch with the smaller Fit Crunch bar is that at the moment you can only get it in the one Peanut Butter flavor. Very soon, however, another option will be joining Robert Irvine’s snack size menu with the rainbow sparkle recipe, Birthday Cake.

According to the brand’s announcement, the smaller Birthday Cake Fit Crunch packing 16g of protein, will be launching later this month. If it’s anything like the original snack size Peanut Butter Fit Crunch it’ll be available through for as low as $1.62 per bar.