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‘Merica Labz pre-workouts get another two stackable flavors

merica labz

‘Merica Labz has just launched new flavors for its first two supplements, the powerful pre-workout duo, Red, White & Boom and Stars ‘N’ Pipes. The former is the the patriotic brand’s stimulant pre-workout now powered by TeaCrine, and the latter is its stimulant free pre-workout built for pumps.

In total ‘Merica Labz has put together two more flavors available for Red, White & Boom and Stars ‘N’ Pipes. The new options are the citrus recipe ‘Merican Made and the grape flavor Make ‘Merica Grape Again, both of which you may recognize from the brand’s recently unveiled energy drink, ‘Merica Energy.

The bonus with the new options is that since they’ve been added to both ‘Merica Labz pre-workouts, you can purchase and stack them together without overlapping flavors. All of the releases are already available through the brand’s own online store at