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Ronnie’s new Yeah Buddy powered by Dynamine and TeaCrine

yeah buddy pre-workout

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has announced that it’s coming out with an all-new version of its stimulant pre-workout Yeah Buddy. The new version will still be named Yeah Buddy, not Yeah Buddy V2 or anything like that, and feature a stronger, more intense formula.

What is it

The new and improved Yeah Buddy aims for a well rounded pre-workout experience much like the original. It features ingredients for increased energy, improved mental focus, as well as better muscle pumps and performance. It does use a lot of ingredients from the previous version; however, it also has a couple of new features in the mix.


In total, Ronnie Coleman’s reformulated Yeah Buddy pre-workout is powered by eight different ingredients. Of that eight, more than half are from the original Yeah Buddy with 2g of the performance feature beta-alanine, 550mg of choline bitartrate, 200mg of Advantra Z, 40mg of pure TeaCrine, a 420mg sustained release caffeine blend, and 50mg of adhatoda vasica.

yeah buddy pre-workout

The other two ingredients in Yeah Buddy include the increasingly popular stimulant Dynamine from the team behind TeaCrine, and 4g of the pump enhancer citrulline malate. The combination of Dynamine and TeaCrine is said to be quite impressive, and not something you’ll see in many other supplements. Another interesting feature of the new Yeah Buddy is that it no longer uses yohimbine, an ingredient that isn’t compliant with a lot of markets outside of the US.


Just like the original, Ronnie Coleman’s sequel Yeah Buddy does come in a variety of different flavors. In total it has four 30 serving options to choose from with the fruity recipes Strawberry Lemonade, Green Apple, and Cherry Limeade, and the slightly more creative flavor, Sourberry.


While Ronnie Coleman’s stronger Yeah Buddy pre-workout is not in stock just yet, the brand has put together a handful of pre-sale deals. For a limited time through you can get one tub for $27.99, two for $25.99 each, or three for $23.99. The pre-sale options come with at least one freebie and are expected to ship one week from now on the 28th.