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T1 Virus Review: One of the most powerful pre-workouts we’ve ever had

For this year’s FIBO Expo, the German supplement company GN Labs launched two new pre-workouts in T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus. The two products have most of the same ingredients, in fact, the only difference is that T1 Virus has an additional blend for energy, as well as an extra pump ingredient.

After looking over the loaded label of GN Labs T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus at FIBO, we went ahead and purchased a full tub as it was something we knew we had to try. You can see the facts panel for T1 Virus below and you’ll probably immediately understand why we had to grab a tub for review.

t1 virus review


Before we even cracked open T1 Virus, we knew we were in for a powerful pre-workout. It was this time last year that we got our hands on another FIBO launched GN Labs pre-workout which proved to be an incredible experience. T1 Virus sees the German brand make it two in a row as this one is even better than last year’s.

Energy and Focus

GN Labs T1 Virus is ranked up there as one of the strongest pre-workouts we’ve ever had. It doesn’t quite pack an intense energy kick, instead, the energy sort of arrives without you really noticing. It subtly and gradually builds over 10 to 20 minutes after drinking the product, to a point where you feel awake and ready to go, and full of a very natural feeling energy.

t1 virus review

The energy does come with an equally strong level of mental focus, with the two combining to create an intense driving force that simply pushes you from start to finish. The two effects work incredibly well together and alone could give you a workout to remember, but there is more to the T1 Virus experience.

Non-stop endurance

On top of the stimulating energy and focus, the GN Labs pre-workout also has an unforgettable performance and endurance side to it. It’ll give you the ability to go heavier and harder in every exercise and set you throw at it. In all the workouts we used it, we actually added one or two exercises on the end as it gives you the sense that you have a lot more in the tank.

t1 virus review

The interesting thing about the T1 Virus performance and endurance is that you’ll find you do keep going even after the energy starts to fade. For whatever reason, despite feeling tired or satisfied, it’ll still seem like you have fuel left. You’ll then proceed to knock out a bunch of sets you wouldn’t typically be able to complete with strength you didn’t think you had.

Powerful pumps

Lastly, as well as delivering a substantial amount of energy, focus, and performance, T1 Virus also brings its A-game with muscle pumps. The pre-workout is, in fact, one of the faster-acting formulas we’ve used in terms of pump, as we felt it made a noticeable difference in every workout as early as the first few sets.

It gives you the extremely enjoyable ability to be able to focus and pump up whatever muscle group you’re working on, much easier than usual. As you progress through your workout that pump then turns into a full-blown dense and intense pump, which pairs with that non-stop, ongoing drive and performance perfectly.

t1 virus review


T1 Virus is easily one of the best pre-workouts we’ve ever had. It has an overall balance of smooth energy, aggressive drive, solid pumps, and an impressive performance and endurance side to it. GN Labs has truly delivered a complete pre-workout with T1 Virus as it comes through in all the areas you could want with nothing being too over-the-top or not as good as it could be.

We will also mention the serving size we found best was between two to three heaping scoops. One heaping scoop is equal to a single serving according to the label, so we weren’t overdoing it or anything. Surprisingly we didn’t notice too much difference between two and three servings, with the only thing that really changes is the intensity of the pump.