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Makers of Generation Iron are doing a documentary on Ronnie Coleman

ronnie coleman king documentary

One name that’s always included when you’re talking about the most legendary bodybuilders in history, is the king Ronnie Coleman. The face behind Ronnie Coleman Signature Series dominated the stage for years and still holds the record for most Mr. Olympia wins tied with Lee Haney.

Later this year we’re going to see the release of a great looking documentary based on Ronnie Coleman simply titled The King. From what we’ve seen and read, it appears the film focuses a lot on the current life of Coleman, including the sacrifices he made and all of the surgeries he’s been through recently.

The King documentary is being made by the Vladar Company, most known for the bodybuilding and fitness films Generation Iron and Generation Iron 2. As mentioned it is due to release later this year, and if it’s anything like the other documentaries from the Vladar Company, it’ll be well worth watching.