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Barebells delivers another great bar with White Chocolate Almond

white chocolate almond barebells

One of the products we were excited to try at this weekend’s FIBO Expo that we knew would be here is Barebells’ new White Chocolate Almond protein bar. It was announced just a couple of weeks ago and we have yet to find any store stocking it, but the brand has, of course, brought it to FIBO.

We purchased the new flavor at a deal of €10 (12.35 USD) for six bars mixing it with a few of our two favorite Barebells protein bars. Compared to the product’s other flavors, the White Chocolate Almond is actually a pretty solid flavor. It’s not as good as the Salty Peanut or Caramel Cashew, but still very enjoyable.

white chocolate almond barebells

The white chocolate on the outside of the bar feels like a slightly sweeter chocolate next to Barebells’ other milk chocolate options. It then combines that sweet chocolate taste with scattered and noticeable almond pieces, a smooth chocolate center, and of course, Barebells’ unforgettably sweet caramel layer.

As mentioned we wouldn’t rate Barebells’ new White Chocolate Almond protein bar over our favorites Salty Peanut or Caramel Cashew, but you certainly won’t be disappointed. If you’re a white chocolate fan, you may prefer it over all of the others, although either way, it is another excellent flavor for Barebell’s top-rated protein bar.

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