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Barebells welcomes its cone protein ice cream Nougat Core

Barebells has unveiled an all-new product that sees the European brand expand its family of incredibly delicious, on-the-go protein ice cream. The actual line was only introduced a month or so ago with Barebells’ no added sugar, protein-packed ice cream bar and ice cream on a stick.

Introduced today is Barebells Nougat Core, which is its third ice cream product that’s just as protein-packed as its other two. Keeping with the brand’s theme the snack has no added sugar, and comes in a crunchy waffle style cone with creamy vanilla ice cream, dreamy nougat, and sweet hazelnuts.

barebells nougat core

Barebells’ all-new Nougat Core actually features a nutrition profile very similar to its ice cream bars, if not better. Each 75g ice cream cone provides 7.4g of protein, 16g of carbohydrates with 3.7g of that sugar, 5.8g of fat (4.4g saturated), 4.1g of fiber, and a total of 158 calories.

The latest protein snack from Barebells does appear to come in only the one flavor combining vanilla, nougat, and hazelnuts. The brand plans on making its Nougat Core available in stores sometime next week, and just like its other protein ice creams, it will be exclusive to its home country of Sweden.

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