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Bigger tub of BSN and Cold Stone’s Birthday Cake Remix hits Amazon

cold stone creamery syntha-6

Yesterday news broke that BSN has cleverly teamed up with the ice cream company Cold Stone Creamery for three new flavors for its protein powder, Syntha-6. The flavors are all based on delicious Cold Stone Signature Creations with Birthday Cake Remix, Germanchokolatekake, and Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

We also linked to a page on Amazon that had stock of BSN’s Cold Stone Syntha-6 flavors in 25 serving tubs for $29.99 each. That page doesn’t appear to have them listed anymore; however, the online retailer does now have a listing for a tub that’s almost twice as big of the Birthday Cake Remix Syntha-6.

If you visit the link we posted yesterday, today, it’ll take you to a 44 serving tub of BSN and Cold Stone’s Birthday Cake Remix for the more cost-effective price of $44.99. We’re not sure why the smaller ones are no longer on Amazon, but there is now the bigger one that says it’ll be in stock on May 26th, although you can order before then.

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