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ketone io energy mix

Limited Labs, the creators of the industry’s first ketogenic sports drink,, now has a couple of powder ketogenic supplements available. The two items are both called, just like the brand’s original sports drink; however one is called the Sport Mix and the other the Energy Mix.

The Sport Mix is essentially a powder version of Limited Labs’ original ketogenic RTD. It features 12g of goBHB ketones for energy and fuel, along with electrolytes for better hydration. It is also naturally flavored and sweetened, with zero sugar and zero calories.

As for Limited Labs’ Energy Mix, you could probably guess by the name of it, what makes this one different. It features the same combination of goBHB ketones and electrolytes as the Sport Mix, however, thrown in on top of that is 150mg of caffeine for a more stimulating boost of energy.

You can find both of Limited Labs’ powders for purchase on its website for the same price of $44.99 per bag, and in the same two flavors, Orange Mango and Strawberry Lemonade. Each of those bags contains 15 sachets, with each of those sachets packing enough powder for a single serving.