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Not4Pussy RoidRage Review: Strong energy and focus with a bit of pump

not4pussy roidrage review

Since we were first introduced to the German supplement company BPS Pharma, we’ve seen it release a variety of versions of its Not4Pussy pre-workout. The latest in the brand’s Not4Pussy family is called Not4Pussy RoidRage, which we managed to pick up at this year’s FIBO Expo for review and to finally find out what it’s all about.

BPS Pharma’s Not4Pussy RoidRage packs a pretty comprehensive combination of ingredients including the likes of citrulline malate, juglans regia, alpha-GPC and more. The features are unfortunately all wrapped up in non-transparent blends, so you don’t know the doses of any of them, with one blend for energy, another for focus, and one more for muscle pumps.

not4pussy roidrage review


For us, Not4Pussy RoidRage only really delivers well in a couple of areas, which are energy and focus. When taking its maximum “Not4Pussy” serving, it does kick in pretty hard, making you feel very awake when entering the gym and starting your workout.

It hits with an extremely noticeable mix of increased energy and mental focus that gets you in the mood, especially if you weren’t already. The energy is slightly more intense than the focus and can feel a bit overpowering at times, although it does tend to smooth out over five to ten minutes after it kicks in.

not4pussy roidrage review

The one issue we had with the stimulating effects of Not4Pussy RoidRage was that they didn’t actually last all that long with larger workouts. When doing arms or shoulders, the energy does manage to get you through. When doing something like back or legs, however, RoidRage’s energy seems to quickly fade and can leave you feeling somewhat empty after three or four exercises.

Outside of the sometimes short-lived energy and mental focus, Not4Pussy RoidRage does help out a bit with muscle pumps. It noticeably gets the blood pumping a lot earlier in the workout, and encourage a solid pump within one or two exercises. It doesn’t really build to a pump you couldn’t obtain without the product, but that early efficiency is enjoyable.

not4pussy roidrage review


Not4Pussy RoidRage is certainly a strong supplement and one we can say is fitting with its name if you’re not used to a hard-hitting pre-workout. The energy and focus do hold a good amount of intensity throughout a workout, but as mentioned, with more compound exercises and complex workouts, we found it fades earlier than we’d like.

Lastly, just to be clear, the product’s “Not4Pussy” serving is two full servings or four scoops, which we did measure out on a scale to ensure we got the correct amount. We did also try the smaller “4Pussy” serving of just two scoops and found it to be similar to the maximum amount but with a less intense kick and lighter energy and focus while working out.

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