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Scitec goes for a candy bar experience with its new Proteinissimo Prime

proteinissimo prime

Scitec Nutrition has put together what appears to be a gourmet version of its Proteinissmio protein bar called Proteinissimo Prime. Previously the massive European brand’s protein snack came in a regular Proteinissimo bar as well as a lighter version with fewer carbohydrates.

Proteinissimo Prime is described as being a realistic candy bar experience. It features a creamy protein filling, a solid chocolate coating, and a caramel layer filled with crispy pieces. It does sound like a lot of other protein bars out there, although we suspect it will be a different experience coming from Scitec.

As far as its nutritional profile goes, Scitec has gone rather light with Proteinissimo Prime. Each bar provides a lower than usual 15g of protein, 14g of carbohydrates with 1.5g of that sugar, 4g of fiber, 8g of fat (5.5g saturated), for a reasonable total of 183 calories.

Based on Scitec Nutrition revealing all of the information for its new Proteinissimo Prime, we suspect it’s probably going to start showing up in stores soon. When and wherever it shows up, it will be available in the one Peanut Butter flavor with a hefty total of 24 bars per box.