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Select Protein Bar Review: As promised it’s unlike anything we’ve tried

The Select Protein Bar is the first ever protein bar release from PEScience that aims to carry on the legacy of its family of Select protein powders. The product is said to be “Like Nothing You’ve Tried Before”, so the day it released we decided to purchase a box of each of the Select Protein Bar’s flavors.

As a brief rundown on the PEScience protein bar, it features a fairly typical nutrition profile with 19g of protein, 24 to 26g of carbohydrates, 7 to 8g of fat, and a total of 210 calories. As mentioned, it comes in two different flavors with Chocolate Peanut Butter and the one we liked the sound of the most, White Chocolate Raspberry.

select protein bar review


When you first look at the Select Protein Bar, you kind of the get the feeling you know what it’s going to taste like. Once you bite into it, however, that all changes as the product truly delivers on PEScience’s claim of being “Like Nothing You’ve Tried Before”.

The body of the Select Protein Bar is made up of a solid flavor base which for Chocolate Peanut Butter has a chocolate taste, and for White Chocolate Raspberry it’s white chocolate. The bases give both bars an incredibly sweet amount of chocolate that mixes in nicely with the top layer that packs the other half of the bars’ flavors.

select protein bar review

The Select Protein Bar’s top layer is where you get Chocolate Peanut Butter’s peanut flavor, and White Chocolate Raspberry’s raspberry. Both bars once again, deliver on their title tastes with the peanut butter being noticeable but relatively mellow, and the raspberry being sweet enough to even stand out over the white chocolate.

The two Select Protein Bars are incredibly easy to eat, which is something you can’t say about a lot of other bars. At first, it doesn’t look like something that you can chew overly easy, although as you get into it, you quickly find out it is. It’s filled with crispy pieces that seem to make it a breeze to bite, chew, and swallow, and with great consistent flavor from start to finish.

select protein bar review


PEScience has truly done a great job with its Select Protein Bar and has certainly delivered on all the bold promises it made. The best thing about it is that you can eat it effortlessly, and with the enjoyable flavor experiences it has, it’s definitely a bar we’d be happy to pay for again, especially the White Chocolate Raspberry.

Another point worth highlighting is that the Select Protein Bar makes for a nice change of pace in terms of style. It isn’t coated in chocolate or built to feel like the many candy bar type protein bars out there, instead, it’s gone for a more traditional, yet modern approach. With that said, it still competes with all of the bars on the market combining a sweet chocolate base and other complimenting, real food like flavors.