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Cellucor releases a teaser of its first ever C4 Ultimate spin-off

c4 ultimate shred

Cellucor has released an extremely exciting teaser image along with a few words that help further hype what’s coming. The major detail the teaser confirms is that the brand is getting ready to launch what will be its first ever spin-off of the powerful and complete pre-workout, C4 Ultimate.

Cellucor’s picture features a supplement that we can clearly make out the name “C4 Ultimate” on, hence the confirmation of it being a spin-off. Where things get interesting is that the brand hasn’t directly confirmed what kind of C4 Ultimate spin-off we’re in for.

From what we can make out in Cellucor’s teaser and the vague words it’s included with it, we’re guessing the upcoming product is something like a C4 Ultimate Shred. Not only can we see the letters “red”, but “Shred” also goes fits perfectly with the teaser words quoted below.

“Imagine if you could take a powerful cutting formula and fuse it with the explosive energy, pumps and endurance from C4 Ultimate.”

If we are correct and a ripped, lean, or shredded version of C4 Ultimate is on the way, it’ll certainly be interesting to see the formula Cellucor has put together. The original C4 Ultimate is loaded with well-dosed ingredients, a theme we suspect will be continued in its first spin-off.

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