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TF7 Labs updates Acid with more BCAAs and added electrolytes

tf7 labs acid

Following on from our recent posts about TF7 Labs’ reformulated versions of its fat burner Antidote and pump pre-workout Virus. Today we have details to share on another supplement the UK brand has updated for 2018, its amino formula Acid.

Much like TF7 Labs other updated products, its amino competitor Acid has been changed quite a bit for this year The supplement is still designed to help with muscle recovery and repair, relying on BCAAs and glutamine as its main ingredients. Where things get a bit different is that those main ingredients aren’t exactly the same for the new version.

tf7 labs acid

Compared to the original, TF7 Labs has dropped Acid’s dose of glutamine down from 1.5g to half a gram. Its BCAAs, however, have been increased going from 6g to 7g, and instead of using a 6:1:1 BCAA ratio it now has a more traditional 2:1:1 ratio. Acid has also had electrolytes and coconut water added to its formula to help improve hydration.

TF7 Labs updated Acid is already out and available throughout the UK as well as on the brand’s website. Buying direct from TF7 Labs the product will cost you £34.99 (46.91 USD) for 33 servings with all 12 of the previous version’s flavors to choose from including the unique options, Black Jack, Cosmopolitan, and Mojito.