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TF7 Labs transforms Virus into a serious pump pre-workout competitor

tf7 labs pump

To go with the launch of its new and improved pre-workout, Poison V2 and the more intense Poison X, the UK company TF7 Labs has also updated its pump pre-workout Virus. The brand has actually completely reformulated the supplement and transformed it into a serious pump competitor for 2018.

What is it

For those unfamiliar with TF7 Labs’ Virus, it is a pre-workout more focused on giving you better muscle pumps when you workout. It is quite a bit different from the brand’s other Poison pre-workouts, which aim to deliver other benefits in the gym such as improved energy and mental focus.


One of the big differences with TF7 Labs’ all-new Virus is that it is no longer a capsule formula. The brand has switched it to a pump pre-workout powder although it doesn’t end there. TF7 has also given Virus a new and exciting combination of ingredients with over 10g of active ingredients; all included to help with pumps.

tf7 labs pump

The new and improved Virus features common pump pre-workout ingredients such as 3.5g of citrulline malate, 2g of betaine, a gram each of glycerol, glycine, beetroot, 800mg of tyrosine, and half a gram of taurine. TF7 Labs has added carbohydrates into the mix as well with 3g of the high-quality carb highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD).

If you’ve tried the previous version of TF7 Labs Pump, regardless of what you thought, you’ll want to try the new one. Formula wise it is a very different supplement, as the brand has really packed out the reformulation. It’s gone for more reliable set of pump ingredients and included them all at relatively strong doses.

Where to buy

You can get the updated TF7 Labs’ product now on the brand’s website as well as through various retailers throughout the UK. It comes in four 25 serving flavors with Fruit Salad, Cherry Bomb, Blueberry Potion, and Black Jack. The new and improved Virus can also be used with Poison V2 or Poison X for an all-around pre-workout experience.