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TF7 Labs Poison X is a more balanced mix of mental and physical energy

As well as rebranding its entire lineup of supplements for 2018, TF7 Labs has also put together an all-new product. Joining the UK brand’s selection of supplements this year is actually a spin-off of its original pre-workout Poison, that goes by the name Poison X.

What is it

While TF7 Labs Poison X does sound like a more intense or extreme version of Poison, something we’ve seen from a lot of other brands, that’s not entirely what the product is about. Poison X is more of an alternative experience compared to Poison that’s geared more towards delivering a balance of increased physical and mental energy.

tf7 labs poison x


As you’d expect, the combination of ingredients behind Poison X is different from the regular Poison, although it does have a few features in common. Overall, TF7 Labs more focused based pre-workout packs a wider variety of ingredients, most of them included to ensure the supplement comes through with that added mental focus effect.

All of the main ingredients from Poison are in TF7 Labs Poison X including arginine AKG, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, taurine, and caffeine. The maintained components are also mostly at different doses with more arginine, less citrulline and caffeine, and the same amounts of beta-alanine and taurine.

tf7 labs poison x

As for the new features in TF7 Labs Poison X, you get the cognitiion enhancers tyrosine at 300mg and phosphatidylserine at 160mg, 100mg of maca, 50mg of the pump ingredient norvaline, 120mg of choline, and a light dose of creatine monohydrate at a gram.

Where to buy

TF7 Labs’ all-new pre-workout Poison X is already available in a number places in the UK including the brand’s own store as well as the retailer Tropicana Fitness. The latter is currently the better place to go, as it has Poison X on sale at £29.99 for a full 33 serving tub, with five flavors to choose from in Blueberry, Cola, Fruit Salad, Black Jack, and Cherry.