Amazon brand Solimo adds three more gummies supplements

May 27th, 2018
amazon brand solimo gummies

Just a few days ago we posted about a handful of new products from Amazon’s basic supplement brand, Solimo. There was a total of three new items, all of which feature straightforward formulas like the rest of the Solimo line, however, they come in edible gummies, not the usual capsule form.

Another three gummy products have now surfaced from Amazon’s Solimo brand, all of them being very similar to the other three. There is the Vitamin B12 Gummies with 1,500mcg of vitamin B12 per raspberry gummy, and the Vitamin D3 Gummies with 1,000 IU of its title ingredient per multi-flavor gummy.

amazon brand solimo gummies

The third and final Amazon Solimo supplement is the slightly more complex, Prenatal Vitamins & DHA Gummies. This one combines both of the features in its name with 70mg of omega-3 fatty acids, and a small collection of vitamins including folic acid, all rolled up into orange, lemon, and strawberry gummies.

You can now find all three of the new Solimo gummies supplements on, and all for around the same price. The Vitamin D3 Gummies are $9.49 for a bottle of 160 pieces, the Prenatal Vitamins & DHA are $9.99 for a bottle of 90, and the Vitamin B12 Gummies are the most expensive at $10.49 for a bottle of 100.