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Never-before-seen protein pancake from the brand behind Nano BCAA

protein pancake

The uniquely named supplement company that goes by the letter ä, has introduced a never before seen kind of protein product. The item is called the Protein Pancake, however it’s nothing like the many protein pancake supplements we’ve seen previously that come in powder form.

What is it

The new unique creation from ä, appropriately titled Protein Pancake, is an individually packaged, pre-made pancake. It is packed full of protein, hence the name, but the excitement doesn’t end there. The real, freshly baked pancake snack is also filled with a sweet looking creamy center.

protein pancake

Nutrition profile

The ä Protein Pancake comes in two different flavors with Chocolate and Vanilla, both providing the same nutrition numbers. Each 45g pancake packs 16g of protein, only 2.3g of fat (0.5g saturated), 13.1g of carbohydrates with 2.8g of that sugar, all for a rather low total of just 136 calories.

As you can see, the nutrition profile is surprisingly lean featuring a protein to calorie ratio lower than most of the protein bars we know of. It also uses a simple combination of ingredients with egg yolk, no added sugar, whole wheat flour, and whey protein to give it that 16g of protein per pancake.

protein pancake


By the sounds of things, ä will be launching its truly unique Protein Pancake in the very near future, in fact, it might have already made it available. ä is a European brand so don’t expect to see the snack in the US anytime soon, although it does look like something we need to get our hands on.