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Barebells keeps summer alive with its new Protein Ice Cream Stick flavor

barebells mango vanilla protein ice cream

The deliciously creative Swedish company Barebells has introduced an all-new summer flavor for its mouthwatering Protein Ice Cream Stick. The product was actually only launched a few months ago in March providing just over 8g of protein per ice cream for a total of around 207 calories.

The new addition to Barebells’ protein ice cream on a stick is Mango Vanilla, combining creamy vanilla ice cream with a swirl of mango and passion fruit flavor. It is also topped with a solid, sweet white chocolate coating filled with freeze-dried mango bites.

Barebells’ new Mango Vanilla Protein Ice Cream Stick features a similar mix of macros to the other stick options. It is led by a reasonable 8.5g of protein, no added sugar, 13g of fat (8.1g saturated), 18g of carbohydrates with only 5.2g of that sugar, and a total of 204 calories.

As far as we know, Barebells’ Protein Ice Cream Stick is still only available in its home country of Sweden.

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