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Cellucor launches two more Candy Shoppe flavors for C4

berry brainiacs c4 ripped

Cellucor has put together two more Candy Shoppe flavors for the same two pre-workouts it launched its original two for. It was late last year that the major brand introduced its first Candy Shoppe options, Juicy Candy Burst for C4 Original and Fruity Rainbow Blast for C4 Ripped.

The latest releases in Cellucor’s Candy Shoppe Series are another couple of sweet sounding flavors with Tart Candy Explosion for C4 Original and Berry Brainiacs for C4 Ripped. Both feature their usual ingredients and benefits, and in the few stores we’ve seen them, they also cost the same as usual.

If you’d like to try either or both of Cellucor’s new Candy Shoppe creations, you can now grab the products in a number of locations. One of those locations is the brand’s own online store at where C4 Original will cost you $29.99 per tub and C4 Ripped $39.99.

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