Optimum’s Protein Almonds now listed in Chocolate Peanut Butter

chocolate peanut butter protein almonds

Optimum Nutrition launched its great tasting protein snack, Protein Almonds, late last year in three flavors. It now looks like the brand is ready to add another option to its menu which currently consists of Chocolate Jalapeno, Cinnamon Roll, and Dark Chocolate Truffle

At the moment the retailer Campus Protein has stock of all three Optimum Protein Almonds but is also listing a fourth option that’s not in stock. That option is Chocolate Peanut Butter, a flavor that is not one of the product’s original three and doesn’t appear to be available anywhere.

We’re not entirely sure when Optimum Nutrition’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Almonds will be in stock and available for purchase, but if Campus Protein is listing it, we can’t imagine it being too far away.

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