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Axe and Sledge preview confirms names, types and highlights

axe and sledge supplements

This week we’ve got our first official look at Seth Feroce’s highly anticipated and very exciting line of supplements from the brand, Axe and Sledge. The preview doesn’t reveal any of the facts panels for any of the products; however, we do get a lot of details just from seeing the fronts of all of them.

In total, Seth Feroce’s Axe and Sledge Supplements is going to launch later this month with five different products. We can now confirm the names and categories of all of those with the pre-workout Ignition Switch, EAA formula The Grind, carbohydrate powder Demo Day, fat burner Double Time, and the pump pre-workout Fuel Pump.

To go with the names and categories, we do also have a few ingredient highlights to share for most of the supplements from Axe and Sledge. Firstly there is Demo Day, the carbohydrate powder that will feature 15g of the premium Carb10, which is a carb most known for its low blood sugar and insulin response.

Next is the amino formula The Grind, featuring a full blend of EAAs with 5g of those being BCAAs. Lastly, you have the two pre-workouts; the stimulant based Ignition Switch confirmed to include the powerful pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine, and the stimulant free Fuel Pump packing the branded pump enhancers Nitrosigine and GlycerPump.

This week, we’ve basically just got bits and pieces from Axe and Sledge that don’t give us the whole picture, but reinforce our belief that Seth Feroce has a solid brand on his hands. A lot more information is due to release within the next few days, as one week from now Axe and Sledge Supplements will be officially launching everything.