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Recovery Factor formula carried over to Granite’s revamped lineup

granite recovery

Just like how Granite Supplements’ upcoming Essential Aminos is similar to its original Adamantium Aminos, and its new fat burner Thermo Burn is almost identical to Lipocalypse. The brand’s all-new recovery product simply named Recovery, is pretty much a renamed and rebranded version of its soon to be replaced, Recovery Factor.

Granite Recovery is essentially a recovery powerhouse that’s been loaded with ingredients to provide a solid list of benefits. The formula includes a just over 7g blend of all nine essential amino acids, with 6g of that BCAAs for muscle protein synthesis and overall recovery support.

granite recovery

On top of the aminos, Granite Recovery features a blend of performance carbohydrates and neurogenic ingredients. On the carb side you get 14g of Cluster Dextrin branded HBCD, along with 1.5g of glycine, 575mg of n-acetyl l-tyrosine, 675mg of glutamine, and 125mg of Sensoril branded ashwagandha.

Fans of Granite and its original recovery product will recognize as mentioned, that the new Recovery is practically the same as Recovery Factor. It also packs the same servings per tub with 20, and is due to launch along with the brand’s other six new supplements on Monday the 18th of this month.