MHP completely unveils its pre-workout rush Hyper Crush

mhp hyper cush

MHP has released details on its upcoming pre-workout supplement Hyper Crush, which features the brand’s return to its more classic blue and yellow look. The product packs a truly all around style formula including ingredients to deliver a combination of exciting pre-workout effects.

Hyper Crush brings together 15 active ingredients, all of which are transparently dosed, so you know the exact amount of everything you get per serving. The formula is designed to be “the unstoppable pre-workout rush” providing increased energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, and strength.

mhp hyper cush

You can see the full list of ingredients in MHP Hyper Crush in its official facts panel above. It includes features such as 3g of creatine monohydrate, 1.5g of pure citrulline and a gram of citrulline malate, 350mg of caffeine, and 1.5g of α-ketoglutaric acid to increase training volume.

According to MHP, Hyper Crush is due to be available online and in stores within the next several weeks along with a few other newly branded supplements. The pre-workout is going to have three flavors to choose from with Sour Ball, Fruit Punch, and Blue Ice, and packing 30 servings per tub.