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News Of The Week: Maple Waffle Quest Bar and Syner-Vol makes some noise

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If you feel like you missed any of the big supplement industry stories shared on Stack3d from the past week, we’ve got you covered. This right here is our news of the week post where we collect together the top stories from the past five days to make sure you didn’t miss anything important.

John Meadows’ revamped Granite Supplements has arrived

After a lot of hype and excitement, John Meadows’ finally relaunched his own brand of products, Granite Supplements. The updated lineup carries over a lot of formulas from the original Granite family but also introduces a number of entirely new products.

outbreak nutrition build

Outbreak unveils its promising, Mediator powered recomposition product

Outbreak Nutrition completely unveiled its exciting new muscle building supplement Build, that also features ingredients to help burn fat. The product combines Mediator branded phosphatidic acid, which is not something you’ll see in many other supplements, with a bunch of other muscle building compounds.

Quest Nutrition’s new Maple Waffle Quest Bar now available

Quest Nutrition has added an entirely new flavor to its signature, protein-packed Quest Bar. The brand’s well-known and widely available protein bar is now available in a Maple Waffle flavor that’s said to have “All the taste, texture and satisfaction of a morning waffle”.

myprotein bcaa energy drink

BCAA Energy is Myprotein’s new energy infused amino drink

Myprotein has introduced a new energy drink called BCAA Energy, which as you could probably tell by its name, is infused with BCAAs at a strong 5g per can. On the other side of the product, you have 400mg of tyrosine, B vitamins, and 180mg of caffeine for an anytime energy boost.

Syner-Vol is a stimulant-free, powerhouse pre-workout like no other

The relatively new supplement company WG Nutrition has made a lot of noise with the unveiling of its upcoming stimulant free pre-workout, Syner-Vol. The product features an incredibly well put together formula packed with 13 active ingredients, 7 of those being premium branded ingredients.

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