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John Meadows’ revamped Granite Supplements has arrived

granite supplements

The all-new, more modern looking and mostly reformulated Granite Supplements lineup, is finally available. As promised, today the brand has added all seven of its new products to its website where fans can now purchase.

Over the weekend we posted details on every one of Granite’s new supplements including Intra-Keto, Joint Care, Intra-Carb, HyStim, Thermo Burn, Recovery, and Essential Aminos. You can click on any of those names to find out more about each of the brand’s products as well as see their facts panels.

As for the prices on all of the new Granite supplements, as you’d expect they do vary from item to item. Both Intra-Keto and Recovery are the most expensive at $59.99 each, you then have the joint formula Joint Care at $49.99, and the fat burner Thermo Burn at $48.99. Everything else is under $40 with the pre-workout HyStim at $39.99, Essential Aminos at $38.99, and Intra-Carb at $32.99.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a product that has not been launched with the revamped brand today, and that is Granite’s more advanced pre-workout Pre-Mium. It is listed on the brand’s website, although it is currently out of stock and doesn’t have any details alongside it.