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Nutrition profile revealed for Ghost’s Cereal Milk Protein Popcorn

cereal milk protein popcorn

A couple of days ago, Ghost revealed that it has put together a special edition flavor of Icon Meals delicious Protein Popcorn, made with Cereal Milk Ghost Whey. The product is said to be already on its way out to GNC locations with Ghost not having any plans to make it available through its own website.

Today we’ve got Ghost and Icon Meals’ Cereal Milk Protein Popcorn back in headlines as we now have its nutrition facts to share. It confirms all of the protein product’s macros and from what we’ve been told, it uses Icon Meals’ all-new Protein Popcorn formula, so its numbers are a little different than previous versions.

cereal milk protein popcorn

Each bag of the Cereal Milk Protein Popcorn packs 40g of protein, 128g of carbohydrates with 60g of that sugar, 32g of fat, and a total of 960 calories. As you can see, it is a very calorie dense product like the previous version of Icon Meals’ Protein Popcorn, which makes sense as it does taste amazing.

If you do head to GNC to grab the Ghost and Icon Meals collaboration, you’ll presumably be looking at the same price as the other Protein Popcorn flavors at $9.99 per bag.