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Calum Von Moger’s Staunch gets two new single ingredient products

staunch supplements

Calum Von Moger’s company Staunch Supplements has added a couple of new basic products to its lineup. It was a few months ago, back in November of last year that the brand launched its first set of single-ingredient supplements with Krill, ZMA, and CLA.

Joining those above three this week is Staunch Supplements’ straightforward L-Glutamine and DAA. Both products only feature the ingredient in their titles with L-Glutamine packing 5g of regular glutamine per serving and DAA with 3g of d-aspartic acid per serving.

Fans of Staunch Supplements can now grab L-Glutamine and DAA from the brand’s website, each with 50 servings of unflavored powder per tub. The price on the items is $20 for L-Glutamine or as low as $16 for three or more, and $15 for DAA or as low as $12 when buying in bulk.