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Barebells’ unbeatable protein bar gets a limited edition summer flavor

strawberry white chocolate barebells protein bar

Barebells, the Swedish brand behind our number one rated protein bar in the world right now, has just announced another flavor for the product. The new release is actually one of our favorite protein bar recipes, so coming from Barebells we know it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

The latest creation for the Barebells protein bar is Strawberry White Chocolate, which keeps with the brand’s overall theme of having no added sugar. The flavor features the bar’s usual nutrition profile providing 20g of protein, 17g of carbohydrates with only 1.7g of that sugar, 7.8g of fat (4.3g saturated), for a total of 197 calories.

strawberry white chocolate barebells protein bar

As sweet and delicious as Barebells’ new Strawberry White Chocolate protein bar sounds, there is, unfortunately, a downside to it. The product is, in fact, a limited edition, summer release, meaning it’s not going to be a permanent addition to the bar’s menu like its other five flavor options.

It does also look like Barebells’ limited edition Strawberry White Chocolate flavor is only available in its local Swedish market. You can actually already purchase the product from the Swedish supplement retailer Gym Grossisten individually at 23 kr (2.60 USD) or in boxes of 12 bars for 229 kr (25.89 USD).