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Try Cellucor’s entire carbonated lineup with its assorted flavor packs

assorted flavor carbonated c4

If you’ve yet to try Cellucor’s delicious C4 energy drink and just can’t decide which of its four flavors you want to purchase first. The brand has put together a solution on its website with a C4 energy drink assorted flavor six pack.

Just as its name implies, it is a pack of six cans of the carbonated C4 drink, which we can only assume includes at least one of each of its four flavors. Those flavors are Frozen Bombsicle, Tropical Blast, Twisted Limeade, and Strawberry Waterlemon Ice.

Cellucor has also put together an assorted flavor six pack for its C4 Ultimate drink with at least one each of its two flavors, Tropical Blast and Arctic Snow Cone. The variety packs are now available at with the regular C4 drink at $14.99 per pack and C4 Ultimate at $19.99.

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