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Ghost Pump Review: Deep and ridiculously full muscle pumps

Ghost Pump is Ghost’s stimulant free pre-workout supplement, built to deliver enhanced muscle pumps while you work out. The product features a pretty full on formula including 2.5g of NO3-T arginine nitrate, 4g of pure citrulline, 1.5g of GlycerPump branded glycerol, and more.

After enjoying quite a few of Ghost’s other products, we knew we had to get Ghost Pump in for review, even more so as the brand seemed very confident in the supplement. It turns out that confidence is not misplaced, as the well put together pump pre-workout comes through with an experience better than we could have ever expected.

ghost pump review


The magic of Ghost Pump starts working almost as soon as you start your workout if you take the product around 10 or so minutes before hitting the gym. Right from that first exercise, your muscles start feeling a lot fuller than usual, which will come as quite the surprise seeing as you only just started your workout.

As you move into your next exercise, that is where the power of Ghost Pump really starts to come into play. By that time or even the third exercise, your muscles will likely be at their maximum fullness, making it very obvious that the supplement is to blame for the unnaturally intense muscle pumps. This a product you’ll definitely want to get the tape measure out for as on the likes of arm day we saw increases as big as 1 1/2″.

ghost pump review

Ghost Pump’s most noticeable effect is, of course, its pump fullness as well as how fast it gets things going, but that isn’t where it ends. The product also has the unique ability to give you some very deep muscle pump pains that forced us multiple times to break up sets or cut them short due to how intense the feeling was.

Typically pump pre-workouts blow up your muscles and encourage you to rep until they feel like they’re ready to pop. With Ghost Pump, you do get that, although it’s combined with a broader sensation where you feel connected to every fiber in the muscle you’re working, and in turn feel everything so much more when pushing your limits.

ghost pump review

For the best experience, we found that Ghost Pump’s maximum serving of two scoops is the way to go. It also mixes incredibly well with all of the stimulant pre-workouts we tried it with, mostly because it tastes better than most products just by itself.


The overall combination of effects in Ghost Pump makes for a truly one of a kind experience that is unlike any other pump pre-workout we’ve tried. The supplement’s fullness alone is enough to put it over the majority of its competitors, however, you also have the benefit of the pumps kicking in a lot quicker and that truly unforgettable pump sensation.

This supplement review is presented in partnership with Generation Iron