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Devotion rebrand brings with it new Flex Flavors including Golden Butter

golden butter flex flavors

Over the past few weeks, Devotion Nutrition has been showing off its fresh new look for 2018. The rebrand is a big change for Devotion, as it sees the company switch to a very different look and feel, although it has now confirmed that’s not all that’s changing.

Devotion has revealed that, along with its all-new branding it’s launching a bunch of new Flex Flavors. For those unfamiliar with Flex Flavors, it is the brand’s zero-calorie flavor powder that you can sprinkle onto whatever you like to add the flavor it promotes on its packet.

There are a total of eight new Flex Flavors Devotion has put together including creative recipes like Golden Butter, Gummy Fish, and Sweet Caramel. The Flex Flavors are expected to be launching sometime soon, in fact, most are already listed as coming soon in the brand’s online store.