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Kill Cliff rebrands and repackages its Endure sports drink

lemon lime kill cliff endure

The beverage company Kill Cliff has given its original endurance drink Endure, a complete makeover. The branding of the product has been completely revamped, with Endure switching to a look much more in line with Kill Cliff’s recently released Ignite energy drink.

As big as the rebrand of Endure is, that’s not where the changes end for the palatinose powered sports drink. Kill Cliff has also downsized the bottle of Endure from a 20oz to a 20% smaller 16oz, all while still providing the same amount of sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates per bottle.

Last but not least, Kill Cliff has released another flavor for Endure with Lemon Lime, bumping its total number of options up to three. You can get a closer look at the brand’s updated Endure on its website, where you can see the rebranded and reiszed product as well as purchase its new flavor.

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