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Max Effort targets two categories with its upcoming Multi & Joint

max effort muscle multi joint

Max Effort Muscle has once again released a sneak peek at an entirely new supplement it plans on launching later down the road. The supplement is actually set to put the direct-to-consumer company into two categories it isn’t currently competing in, with multi-vitamin and joint support.

The name of Max Effort Muscle’s upcoming product is Multi & Joint, which as the name suggests is the combination of a multi-vitamin and joint support formula. All we know about the supplement at the moment is its name and hybrid category, with nothing else, not even the number of capsules it has per bottle.

There is one other detail we might have an idea of with price, which we suspect will be $34.99 as that is the individual price of every Max Effort product. As soon as we get more information on Multi & Joint, we’ll be sure to share it, so if you’re a fan of the brand, stay tuned.

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